To create healthy communities for our children

Just for Parents: The New Black Union

African Americans are still considered a minority group, and we aim to level the playing field by creating opportunities for black parents, students and children.

The National African American Parent Union (NAAPU) was founded in 2007, by Naomi Haywood, a mother of five, with six grandchildren. She’s a community activist, drug and alcohol counselor, ordained pastor, and former task force member for CADRE, Community Asset Development Redefining Education based in Los Angeles, California.

Our Mission

We empower parents with the tools necessary to understand and implement the Laws, Rules and Regulations that govern our communities.

We aim to rekindle close-knit relationships that help us navigate though the rough patches in life, by bringing about much-needed social change without taking a heavy-handed approach.

Weaknesses in the Community

Many African American parents are unaware of how government rules influence our everyday lives and that every vote counts. We want to change these notions.

NAAPU is a platform for educating members of the African American community. Let’s teach /learn how to improve community through government and social action.